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Whenever emulator of any kind is being released, there is a certain amount of doubt and suspicion that comes with it regarding their functionality. People using emulators were always forced to download dlls and additional files in order to make them actually work. Nintendo emulators work differently than the ones intended for encrypting PS4 or PS3 files.

There are currently four Nintendo 3DS emulators: Citra, 3dmoo, TronDS, and XDS. Although all four of them work without a flaw, there is a list of games that can be played on each of them. We choose to present games that work best and are most compatible with Citra 3DS Emulator.


If you are a true fan of card games and turn-based strategies, then you’ve probably heard of Culdcept. The gameplay focuses on roleplaying and card placement where the players battle each other in a square-shaped arena. If you want to play this classic PVP-strategy card game, you should consider playing it on Citra 3DS emulator because it provides the best gaming experience.

culdcept nintendo 3ds

The game is playable on other emulators but with various glitches and bugs influence much lower frame rate and the overall experience. Culdcept was first released in Japan on PlayStation and Sega Saturn; it was only after one year that the game was ported to the Nintendo DS.

Super Mario 3D land

Super Mario is basically a trademark for Nintendo consoles. If you are a fan of Super Mario series and you played every part of the game except this one you can now try it on Citra emulator.

mario 3d land

Playing it on this emulator provides the best frame rate and gets the most of the game graphics, so the game looks as stunning as if it is played on the actual console.

Happy Feet 2

Happy_Feet_Two_box_artHappy Feet is an exciting adventure where you follow the adventures of Mumble as he searches for the perfect tune by collecting beat samples. The game may be intended for the younger audience but is equally fun for older fans of the title. If you loved the movie and tried the first part of the game Happy Feet two will not disappoint you.

Citra 3DS emulator provides the best encryption method for encrypting Nintendo files that are essential for a normal gameplay without glitches, low frame rate, and blurry graphics. If you haven’t tried it yet now is your chance to play it on your PC with this emulator that is guaranteed to bring you the same gaming experience as the console.

Emulators for consoles are usually partially cracked or missing some important files, but Citra emulator is fully cracked and doesn’t require to download additional files and dlls. If you are a fan of Nintendo DS console and feel nostalgic from time to time, getting this emulator will bring back memories from your childhood gaming experience. You can now play classic games from Nintendo without having to buy the console on eBay.