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Currently, there are four emulators for Nintendo DS: Citra 3DS, TronDS, XDS, and 3dmoo. All four of them work but some better than other. Not all games for Nintendo are fully compatible with these emulators; that’s why glitches and bugs appear in games. Some emulators simply work better than other. Citra 3DS and 3dmoo are top emulators that provide the best performance. But which one works better?

We compared performance on both of them to determine which one works better.

The number of Compatible games

The list of games compatible for both emulators is shown on Wikia with a rating from one to five stars. Games rated five stars are fully compatible with that particular emulator, where games rated one star are barely compatible. Legend of Zelda-Ocarina Ocarina of Time 3D, for example, is a game that works far better on Citra 3DS than on 3dmoo.

3DS Roms

It is rated with four compatibility stars on Citra and only two on 3dmooo. Playing this game on 3dmoo is possible, but the gameplay will be influenced by constant game crashes, glitches, bugs, and low frame rate. Users also report that playing this game on 3dmoo emulators is only possible on lowest resolutions.

On the other hand, Citra 3DS provides the best results with this game with no glitches, unexpected crashes, bugs and low resolutions. Most of the games that are rated four of five stars on Citra have no stars or maximum two stars rating on 3dmoo emulator.

Files decryption

The majority of Nintendo DS games have .3ds and .dat files that require encryption. The problem with 3dmoo emulator is that it will decrypt .3ds files only on certain games. This proves the fact that this emulator is not fully tested. Citra 3DS has .dot and .3ds file support that works on all Nintendo DS games.

Players using 3dmoo are usually forced to download additional files to make it work, and in some cases, even that doesn’t work. If you play games on this emulator, you will experience unexpected errors and game crashes where these problems barely occur on Citra DS. Finally, Citra Ds is much easier to use than 3dmoo.


Using Citra DS emulator is incomparably easier than using 3dmoo emulator for many reasons. Firstly, Citra DS’s look is simplified so users can find games and files associated with those games much easier than on 3dmoo.

There is no need for upgrading it once you download it and there is support for all the essential files like .dat, .3ds, .cia, etc. Citra DS automatically finds the path to the game directory, where on 3dmoo this action needs to be done manually.

In other words, to avoid frustration and unexpected errors, you should consider choosing Citra 3DS emulator over 3dmoo. You will save time and nerves. We recommend Citra for many reasons, most of which are mentioned above. However, if you still aren’t convinced that Citra performs far better than 3dmoo, download both of them and see the difference for yourself.