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About 3DS Emulator

e3DSx Emulator

Today, e3DSx stands for the most advanced emulator for Nintendo 3DS . It started as a community project lead by 3 developers who worked on PCx360 and Playstation 2 emulators. We always try to improve the emulator and bring new features. At the moment it supports 90% of 3DS Roms which run very at semi high tech machines.

  • CPU Compatibility 80%
  • Graphics Compatibility 70%
  • ROMs Supported 90%
  • Total Progress 70%
Jason M.

Jason M.

Lead Developer

Jason is the lead developer for this project. He was working on initial release for DS Emulator for PC and Android as well as PS2 emulators

Mike Anders

Mike Anders


Mike is our designer, he makes sure the graphics run smoothly and he made this website too.




James joined us 6 months ago and helped us make the emulator available on Android! We could have done it without you James!

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